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The Management Board

Management Board of the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport comprises the Secretary General and all Assistant Secretaries, with the Department's Financial Advisor in attendance at meetings of the Board.

The Management Board generally meets each Tuesday, with discussion on the Department's major matters of interest taking place at these meetings. Occasionally other members of staff will attend these meetings.

Tom O'Mahony        Secretary General

Tom O'Mahony was appointed Secretary General of the Department of Transport in June 2009. The Department was renamed the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport in April 2011 to reflect its expanded functions.The Department's role includes overseeing the development of an integrated, sustainable and competitive transport system and tourism industry and promoting increased participation in sport.It works closely  with a range of agencies and local authorities with responsibility for the implementation of the policies to deliver that objective.
Mr. O'Mahony's previous post was Assistant Secretary of the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government. His responsibilities as head of the Environment Division included climate change policy and sustainable development.  He has also worked in the Departments of Health, Finance and Agriculture.
Mr. O'Mahony holds Master's Degrees in Economics (UCD) and Public Sector Analysis (TCD).
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John Fearon                     Assistant Secretary


John Fearon was appointed Assistant Secretary in October 2000. He is responsible for the Aviation Sector and  Sustainable Transport.


Telephone:                  +353 1 6041037

Fax:                           + 353 1 6041180



Maurice Mullen                                        Assistant Secretary


Maurice Mullen was appointed Assistant Secretary in 2002. He is responsible for the Maritime Sector  and Driver and Vehicle Computer Services in the Department.


Telephone:                  +353 1 6041043

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Dermot Mc Carthy                         Assistant Secretary


Dermot Mc Carthy was appointed Assistant Secretary in February 2010. He is responsible for Transport Investment Divisions, Public Transport Division, Finance Division, Agency Restructuring  Unit and the Road Safety  Division in the Department.


Telephone:                      +  353 1 6041146

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Donagh Morgan            Assistant Secretary


Donagh Morgan was appointed Assistant Secretary in 2004 to the then Department of Arts, Sport & Tourism in charge of the Sports Division. Following the establishment of the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport, responsibility for the Sport brief has transferred to the new Department. The goal of the Sports Division is to increase participation and interest in sport, to improve standards of performance and to develop sports facilities at national, regional and local level, thereby contributing to healthier lifestyles and an improved overall quality of life, working in partnership with the Irish Sports Council, the National Sports Campus Development Authority and the National Governing Bodies of Sport. He previously worked as Chief Executive on the National Sports Campus project and prior to that for twenty years in the Department of the Taoiseach.He is also responsible for the Human Resources Division in the Department.




Telephone:                      +  353 1 6041041

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Graham Doyle       Assistant Secretary

Graham Doyle was appointed Assistant Secretary of Land Transport in July 2013.   He has responsibility for Public Transport Regulation, Road Safety, Sustainable Transport and Freight Policy.


Telephone:                      +  353 1 6783422

Fax                                 + 353 1 6041180       



Maurice Quinn       Assistant Secretary

Maurice came to the Department in April 2013 and is responsible for tourism development and marketing policy. He is also responsible for coordination of policy and governance for the Department and for Information Systems.

He previously served as Assistant Secretary in the Department of Defence, with responsibilities including strategic planning and corporate services.   


Telephone:                      +  353 1 6041042

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