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Tourism Renewal Group

The Tourism Renewal Group was established in December 2008 by Mr Martin Cullen, TD, Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport, charged with reviewing and, where appropriate, renewing the current tourism strategy, set out in New Horizons for Irish Tourism: an Agenda for Action 2003-2012. Click here for Terms of Reference and Membership

The Renewal Group was asked to examine policy and programme priorities, actions and targets in the light of the challenges facing Irish tourism, and to report back to the Minister with recommendations in the form of a Framework for Action for the period to 2013, listing key actions to assist in ensuring that tourism continues to be a major industry for Ireland and strategies necessary to maintain the long-term sustainable growth of Irish tourism.

The Group began its work with detailed consideration of existing tourism policy and strategy, analysis of the sector (both nationally and internationally) and key tourism-related issues. It then moved to a period of consultation, both written and face-to-face, with key players in the tourism and related sectors and also with outside interested individuals and organisations. Following the consultations, the Group then analysed the results and the implications for the tourism industry in Ireland and agreed on the key actions required to support the industry and help it to survive, recover and grow.

Report of the Tourism Renewal Group

The resulting Report of the Tourism Renewal Group was launched on 8 October 2009. This Report sets out tourism's contribution to Ireland's economic, social and cultural development and the prospects for Irish tourism in a changed world, as well as a Framework for Action for tourism's survival, recovery and growth over the period to 2013.

The Framework for Action put forward by the Group is broken down into five Survival Actions over 2009-10 and nine Recovery Actions for 2010-2013. The Survival Actions are proposed for immediate action to ensure the survival in 2009-2010 of a strong Irish tourist industry and to minimise the potential damage from the current challenges. The Recovery Actions are proposed for action from 2010 on, to set Irish tourism back on a growth path from 2011, as the world economy recovers.

Follow-up Actions and Next Steps

A number of Measures are recommended under each Action in the Framework. The Measures are wide-ranging in nature and scope, and are addressed variously to the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport and its agencies, to other Departments and agencies, and to tourism and transport enterprises. Some are matters for Government Decision , while others fall to individual Departments and agencies at an operational level.

Following the publication of this Report, officials in the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport and the agencies under its remit were asked to look directly at progressing the recommendations addressed specifically to them. Department officials have also been following up on the recommendations of the Tourism Renewal Group with other relevant Departments, agencies and other organisations, especially where they are ascribed a lead or support role.

Tourism Renewal Implementation Group

In July 2010, the Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport announced the establishment of a Tourism Renewal Implementation Group to oversee and drive actions on measures to support tourism in Ireland. This new Group is chaired by the Minister and includes tourism agency representatives, Departmental officials and representatives of a range of interests within the tourist industry. Click here for further information